We are Andel

Production of energy

Through the offshore windfarm Rødsand 2, Andel contributes with the production of wind energy, and the windfarm produces energy corresponding to the annual electricity consumption of 200,000 households. Through an equity interest of 5.01% in Ørsted, Andel is involved in the development of sustainable energy solutions and production across most of the world.

Distribution of energy

Together, the grid companies Cerius and Radius supply electricity to more than 1.4 million grid customers. That corresponds to approximately 40% of the total supply of electricity in Denmark. The targets for both electricity grid companies are efficient operations and security of supply through continuous extension of the electricity grid, so that it can accommodate increased decentral production and consumption of climate-friendly electricity.

Customer solutions

Through Andel Energi, and a part ownership of Energi Danmark, Andel offers the sale of electricity as well as natural gas and biogas to residential and corporate customers. The target is to be the customers’ first choice within integrated, digital and future-proof customer solutions. Andel believes that electric cars are the future, and consequently we have invested, together with the energy company NRGI, in the electric mobility operator Clever, which is the leading provider of private and public charging solutions for electric cars in the Nordic countries. 

We are Andel

Andel is energy, together

When people get together in a community, a special kind of energy develops – energy to think differently, dream bigger and create something new. Through sustainable energy solutions and vital infrastructure, we create connection and cohesion in everyday life – and for the future.


million customer relationships are in focus when we create value in everyday life.


colleagues take responsibility for creating a shared future.


cooperative members on Zealand are co-owners of everything we create together.


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